We are now located in Leesburg, Florida and are now set up to perform your Pitts' Annuals, prebuyers and checkouts as well as custom building.


Welcome to Wolf Aircraft!

Wolf Aircraft designs and builds top quality custom Aircrafts, specializing in aerobatic airplanes and modifications. Feel free to email or call us with questions.







Steve has developed an all new biplane kit to go with his popular S1 wingkit.

This plane is designed for the 4 cylinder engine with constant speed prop. It is very similar to the Wolfpitts Pro flown by Sean D. Tucker.

This kit includes the CNC cut tubing ready for welding, or can be purchased already welded. Also available are his high performance tail group, rudder pedals, control system, cabanes and his racy side-opening canopy.







Modifications of an existing plane or a totally new design,  Steve Wolf, owner of Wolf Aircraft, has the experience and skill to make your unique one-of-a-kind dream airplane come true.

Wolf Aircraft can design and build your project, provide you with the drawings or anything in between.



Steve's latest design. This is an all new Pitts style Biplane with many new features not available on any other plane. Steve's mods enable this Biplane to perform better than the high performance monoplanes. Look for it in Wyche Coleman airshows and you won't believe your eyes! "This is the best flying airplane of any type that I have ever flown" Sean D. Tucker. Sean's plane is the second Wolfpitts Pro and he is perfecting the new maneuvers it can do. CHECK OUT SEAN'S PERFORMANCE

Wolfpitts Pro


The 2006 Wolfpitts Special is a modified  S1S originally built in 1972. The modifications include:

  • Wolfpitts wings with aerodynamically boosted ailerons
  • reshaped & oversized rudder and elevator for more control authority
  • streamline carbon fiber cowling with annular cooling
  • fixed pitch composite propeller  
  • streamline rod landing gear.

Wolfpitts Special Cowling Kit - make your S1 a Wolfpitts!

These modifications provide roll rates in excess of 300 degrees per second, quicker entry speeds from the lower drag, wider rod gear for easier ground handling. It is also equipped with a better glass panel. The plane has a striking five color paint scheme designed by airshow pilot, Kathy Hirtz. Kathy is delighting fans by flying this plane at current Airshows. Check out her website - WingOver Aerobatics.


“ My Wolfpro 4 wings are absolutely amazing! The roll rate, acceleration and overall aircraft performance is phenomenal. After flying 1500 hours on Pitts S2-C stock wings, I decided to replace them with Steve Wolf’s wings. The roll rate is dramatically faster, especially at slower airspeeds which equates to higher over all safety. Steve is a true artist and absolutely masterful in his design. My roll rate at slower airspeeds has more than doubled from my previous wings at higher airspeeds. This equates to more responsive handling for all phases of flight. From less drag, high quality workmanship and more effective ailerons, these wings have allowed me to take my flying to a whole new level of performance and safety. They are truly a work of art” Ed Hamill

Wolfpro wings are not just a copy of the standard Pitts wings. These wings will take your flying to a whole new level! Using new airfoils, aileron designs with aerodynamic balanced tips, and beefed up spars, these wings will greatly improve your aircraft's performance. All Wolf built wings will fit the Eagle as well. They are offered in the 4 or 8 Aileron versions click the link below for more information.





Steve Wolf's attention to detail and beauty in aircraft construction and design can be seen in this aircraft. This aircraft resides in Freiberg, Germany. It's performance is meeting all expectations and is one of the first aircraft capable of completing a triple hammer head. The Wolf Sampson II will be shown this year at numerous European Airshows.

Samson II


Steve has a special interest in designing aerobatic biplanes, however, look at the Cyclone to see what he has done with a monoplane.



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